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About Us

Kimberleigh Stickney, M.Ed, LMHC, LCMCH, NCC, C-DBT, CCPT
Mental Health therapist
Carrie Eberhart, MA, LMHC, NCC
Mental Health Therapist
Michele Mammino, M.Ed
Teen and Adolecent Therapist
Graham Brown
Graham Brown
LGBTQ and Couples Therapist
Danielle Guido LCSW, ASDCS, Anxiety and Life Transitions
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Our Therapy

In our practice, we provide a variety of therapeutic services designed specifically for your individual requirements. That’s why all our therapists are extensively trained in evidence-based practices, enabling us to customize our services to suit your needs. Many of our therapists adopt an eclectic approach, drawing from multiple therapy models simultaneously.

All of our therapists come from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to meet you where you are. With varied experiences, our therapists excel in empathizing with a wide rage of situations and dynamics, and are able to provide comprehensive support. Wherever you are coming from, we are here to meet you there.

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